Episode 40

Published on:

17th Feb 2022

5 New Thinking Routines to Try in 2022

Have you been using the same thinking routines for a while now?

Maybe you’ve got a few core routines that you’re comfortable with and now you’re looking for some new routines to add to your repertoire?

I’m always looking for new ways to engage with our audiences and love trying out new routines in my membership monthly thinking routine classes. I really enjoy seeing all the possibilities of how this thinking routine might pair with different artworks, themes and situations.

I’ve tried and tested these 5 routines extensively and they all work both online and offline with a variety of materials – artworks and museum objects, written texts, quotes and videos. Which 5 thinking routines did I choose? Listen in to find out!

You can find in-depth classes about each of these thinking routines in the library of my membership programme.


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