Episode 59

9 Thinking Routines to Improve your Powers of Observation

Published on: 30th June, 2022

In today’s solo episode, I’m talking about observation skills - why they are important and I’m sharing 9 thinking routines that you can use to boost your observation and description skills.

As you’ll know from previous episodes, I’m really fascinated by observation and really interested in developing my skills in this area (I have LOADS of  books on this subject!)

Most of the time we are observing passively - missing out on a wide range of life that we simply don’t notice. 

The act of looking requires some work to improve it - but like a muscle we can train it to work better. 

So, today I'm sharing 9 thinking routines that you can use to improve your powers of observation or with your groups.


Thinking Routines for Observation - FREE download of 9 thinking routine cheatsheets https://pages.thinkingmuseum.com/observation

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