Episode 62

Bitesize: 7 Ways to Be Creative with Thinking Routines

Published on: 21st July, 2022

When you get started with thinking routines, it’s worth getting to know a small handful of routines and using them repeatedly until you feel comfortable and confident using them. 

But once you have that confidence, something magical starts to happen. And this is where we can be more creative with thinking routines. 

Thinking routines are not rigid, inflexible structures. Unlike some protocols, you don’t always have to use them exactly as they are written, without any room for creativity. 

Think of thinking routines as flexible and malleable structures to guide thinking and conversations around art and objects. Be playful with them and experiment!

In today’s episode I’m sharing 7 ways you can be uniquely creative with thinking routines. Listen in to find out how!


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