Episode 117

Engaging and connecting with young people in museums

Published on: 23rd November, 2023

In today's new episode I'm talking to researcher and practice assistant, Leonie Delaey, discussing how museums engage with young people through youth boards and organisations.

Leonie come from a rich background in socio-cultural studies and Cultural Management. She currently serves as a Practice Assistant for the Master in Cultural Management program at the University of Antwerp.

This year, Leonie completed her master's thesis, centring around the theme of youth engagement in museums. In today’s conversation:

  • We delve into the challenges museums face in effectively engaging and connecting with younger audiences.
  • We explore existing initiatives with young people, such as Antwerp’s Photography Museum or FOMU's Nightwatch Youth Program, and discuss how these programs aim to involve and empower young individuals.
  • We talk about her research and the 9 building blocks she’s identified to help museums set up and work with youth advisory boards. These blocks provide a comprehensive guide for museums to reflect on their strategies, address challenges, and enhance the effectiveness of their youth engagement initiatives.

Listen in to explore the challenges, strategies, and potential solutions around the subject of youth engagement in museums.


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