Episode 86

How neutral do I have to be as a museum facilitator?

Published on: 16th February, 2023

I often get asked about neutrality as a 'stance' for museum facilitators of discussions around art and objects. So today I'm addressing the question: How neutral do we need to be as a facilitator in the museum?  

Facilitation is a key part of creating engaging and interactive discussions around art and museum objects.

As a facilitator, you are guiding the process, creating participation and activating the learning and engagement. 

But do you have to be neutral too? 

If you look at the general definition of a generic facilitator you will often see the word ‘neutral’ or ‘impartial’ used.

What do these words actually mean? And what should we be neutral about? Is it even possible to be neutral as a museum facilitator?

Neutrality is a tricky concept and this subject is always quite a thorny one in my classes and trainings. Listen to today's new episode to find out what I recommend.



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