Episode 69

How to use body language to create engagement

Published on: 6th October, 2022

Body language is defined as ‘the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated’.

When we talk about body language we’re talking about a wide range of human expression - such as posture, eye contact, use of space, voice, gesture, and so on.

And these are signals that communicate with us nonverbally, they are ‘wordless signals’ that can be indicators of engagement.

These signals are quite often done instinctively, rather than consciously too.

Being both aware of and able to read these signals helps us to create connections and build rapport with our groups and thus to create engaged groups.

So during this episode think about what signals you are sending to your group through your body language. Are you putting people at ease, building trust and connecting people to you by your body language? Or does your body language undermine what you’re saying or doing in the museum?

And also, how can you use what I’m talking about here to better read your group and build more engagement?


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