Episode 54

Published on:

26th May 2022

Pictures of Practice with Elisa Mosele

Today I’m sharing a 'picture of practice' from art facilitator and English teacher Elisa Mosele.

We’re talking all how she uses thinking routines to overcome the fear of speaking a language and encourage all her students to participate. We also explore how she combines slow looking, church art and spirituality in her work as an art facilitator.

Elisa Mosele is a English language teacher and an art facilitator.  She currently collaborates with the Verona Minor Hierusalem Foundation

She introduced the concepts of VTM and thinking routines to the foundation and in 2020 initiated their first virtual sessions looking slowly and carefully at artworks from local churches.

Elisa wrote a blog for me in 2020 about her very first experience facilitating with thinking routines virtually and it was great to hear in our chat about how she is now facilitating sessions in person too. 

In today’s chat we talk about how Elisa uses thinking routines to develop vocabulary and how she combines Visible Thinking with spirituality in her work at the foundation. 


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What I learned from my first virtual facilitation session with art


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