Episode 93

Slow Art and the Power of Slowing Down with Carl Honoré

Published on: 6th April, 2023

Today on the podcast, I'm delighted to be talking to bestselling author, broadcaster, two-time TED speaker and voice of the Slow Movement, Carl Honoré.

In this episode, Carl Honoré, author of "In Praise of Slow," shares his insights on the benefits of slowing down in every aspect of life.

Our conversation centres around the slow movement, and how slowness can 'rehumanise' us in a culture that values speed above everything else.

We also discuss the slow art movement and how museums and other cultural institutions can be more welcoming for visitors who want to take a slower approach to art.

Main talking points:

  • Carl Honoré's book "In Praise of Slow" and the impact it had on society and the slow movement
  • How the slow movement is not just about slowing down for its own sake, but about reclaiming our humanity in a culture that treats us like machines.
  • How the slow movement fits into the larger cultural conversation about resisting the pressures of a culture that values speed and productivity above all else
  • How the pandemic has affected our relationship with time and speed, and whether it has led to a greater appreciation for slowness.
  • How slow art can be an antidote to the fast-paced culture we live in
  • How museums are finding ways to create slow environments and programmes to invite people to engage deeply with art.
  • How blockbuster exhibitions (such as the Vermeer exhibition in the Rijksmuseum)and wall labels can help or hinder us in the experience we might have in a museum.
  • The importance of building the muscle to observe, contemplate, and look deeply at art, especially in children
  • Four ways we can all incorporate the principles of slow more fully into our own lives


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TED Talk 'In Praise of Slow'

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