Episode 126 - bonus

Slow looking at the Van Gogh Museum

Published on: 11th April, 2024

Today, in a special BONUS episode for Slow Art Day, I’m talking to Harma van Uffelen.

Harma works as a curator of education for the Van Gogh Museum where they have just created a brand new slow looking programme and a slow looking experience for the Matthew Wong exhibition. 

Listen in to hear:

  • How the programme started and why they chose the Matthew Wong exhibition
  • Techniques for engaging participants, including a deep dive into one of Wong's artworks
  • Considerations in programme design: ensuring comfort, choosing artworks, and managing duration
  • Designing a slow looking programme in a busy museum (hint: it can be done!)
  • "In Silence with Matthew Wong": silent slow looking experience with one artwork
  • Reflections on the pilot programme and future plans

If you’ve ever thought about designing and facilitating slow looking programmes in your museum, you will learn a lot from this episode!

Episode Links:

Matthew Wong, The Realm of Appearances, 2018, 


Matthew Wong exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum


Slow Looking Programme at the Van Gogh Museum


Open up with Vincent


Harma van Uffelen on LinkedIn



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