Episode 11

Step Inside: Thinking Routines to Foster Perspective-taking

Published on: 1st July, 2021

Perspective-taking is about seeing a situation or understanding a concept from an alternative view point, such as that of someone else. It is a skill that needs to be encouraged - particularly in children. 

Your brain has to work quite hard to get good at perspective-taking. And in the opposite direction of what it is hard-wired to do - which is to place YOU at the centre of everything. 

Engaging in perspective-taking means moving away from this starting point in order to understand others. 

THE GOOD NEWS is that like most things, it gets easier with practice and our perspective-taking skills do improve.  In today's episode I'm going to introduce you to 4 thinking routines that are specifically designed to foster this disposition. You can  use these thinking routines with artworks to create discussions that consider multiple solutions to a problem and look at situations or people from multiple perspectives. 


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Ellen Galinsky ‘Mind in the Making’

More information on Step Inside, Step In Step Out Step Back, Point of View and Circle of Viewpoints - https://thinkingmuseum.com/thinking-routines-foster-perspective-taking/

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