Episode 20

Published on:

16th Sep 2021

The 6 core elements of my VTMO course (and why they're important)

Today I’m talking about the 6 core elements in my popular Visible Thinking in the Museum Online (VTMO) course - elements that you should also have in your educator repertoire to connect with your audience and engage them with art and objects.

I'm sharing with you:

  • How the course came about during the start of the pandemic in 2020
  • How it was designed and why
  • The 6 core elements of the course and why they're important to you
  • What you will get out of VTMO

Next week,  I’m teaching VTMO for the final time in the Visible Thinking membership. We start on 20 September!


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Visible Thinking in the Museum Online (VTMO) course - www.thinkingmuseum.com/vtmo

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