Episode 78

Published on:

8th Dec 2022

Throwback Thursday: How to get over a 'tumbleweed moment'

I’ve recently lost my voice so I’m taking some time to recover this week and sharing an episode from the back catalogue. 

Today I'm revisiting an episode about to survive tumbleweed moments. This episode first aired in Oct 2021.

It takes a deep dive into what a tumbleweed moment is and how to get over one when it happens.

I'm also exploring 7 ways to avoid one in the first place. 

A tumbleweed moment is a moment of silence or dead air. It can happen when you ask a question and you don’t get a response. 

Tumbleweed moments happen to all of us - whether we are seasoned pros or just starting out.

Everyone gets them. 

This is also something that comes up time and time again when I do trainings. I always get asked the question, ‘But what if no-one says anything?’

So this is the ultimate guide. First I'm sharing some handy steps to work though to help you get over any tumbleweed moments you face. And at the end as I’ll share 7 ways to avoid one in the first place. 


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