Episode 43

Tips for facilitating meaningful discussions around sensitive subjects

Published on: 10th March, 2022

In the light of recent world events and the troubled times we live in, in today’s episode I’m going to share some thoughts about facilitating meaningful discussions with artworks and objects around sensitive subjects in difficult times.

Some programmes, tours or sessions specifically involve sharing difficult narratives and directly addressing challenging subjects. 

Other types of programmes might touch on subjects that can be contentious and/or sensitive.

Or you may visit artworks or objects that can surface and bring up emotions, feelings and more.

Particularly now with the devastation occurring in Ukraine, it’s important to be aware of and sensitive to these emotions and to be thoughtful when asking participants to share their personal connections around a subject.

So today I'm sharing some advice that may be beneficial to you when facilitating an art discussion around a sensitive topic. I'm also going to touch on how you can look after yourself and manage your own emotions too. 


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