Episode 30

Art and Dementia with Catherine Chastney

Published on: 25th November, 2021

For our thirtieth episode, I’m delighted to be talking to Catherine Chastney.

Catherine is an art educator and owner of social enterprise I Picture This. Catherine’s work focuses on bringing art and the joy of discussing art to older people, from creating conversations in care homes, to creating art cards during lockdown and working with people living with dementia. 

In this chat we explore the strong values that guide Catherine's work - she is passionate about that anyone can look at and discuss art, she loves using art to bring people together and to improve wellbeing

We talk to about the toolkit she has just published with the Wallace Collection for Looking at Art designed for anyone working or volunteering in care settings and, of course, her work with people living with dementia.

Catherine shares some wonderful tips for discussing art with people with dementia - from creating trust seeking permission, active listening and creating space.

This conversation will inspire you to think about how you might use art to bring people together, create conversations, forge connections and ultimately improve wellbeing. 


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