Episode 29

How to develop a reflective practice

Published on: 18th November, 2021

So in today’s episode I’m talking about how to develop a reflective practice in your work.

A reflective practice is simply the art of thinking about or reflecting on what you do. It is a way of recognising, capturing and articulating what we’re learning on a moment by moment basis.

By following any of the suggestions in this episode, you will develop a questioning approach to your work. You will stop and pause to think about why things are as they are and how they might be in the future. You will consider the strengths and areas of development in your own practice and consider how to develop your skills.

First I'll share more about what reflective practice is and the benefits of introducing reflection as a practice into your work.

Then I'm going to share 7 different ways you can use to develop your reflective practice  and 3 tips to get you started. 


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