Episode 28

Published on:

11th Nov 2021

How to Engage your Audience with Colour in Art Discussions

Today I’m focusing on colour.

Colour is one of the 7 elements of art along with shape, line, form, texture, value and space. It's a vast subject - but today I don't want to focus on colour theory or the science of colour.

Instead, I want to get you thinking about how you approach colour with your audience during an art discussion.

I’m going to look at different ways you can create discussion about colour with your groups to get them engaged in artworks.

Colour is important because it can make you feel something, even if the artwork itself doesn’t at first glance. Colour is the hook to get audiences curious about artworks and wanting to know more. 

So, listen in for some different ways that you can engage your audience - any audience - in discussion about colour.


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